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Please accept me for who I am, accept that there are times when I will need to repeat myself constantly to make sense of a situation, that I will display negative emotions such as hurt, fear and anger in this blog and that it might not always make for pleasant reading. That I will sometimes say something that you want to shake me for and that I may not always be rational with what I write. Please give me that right and don't berate me for it.
This blog and site is my lifeline. I don't mind admitting that I feel incredibly lonely and isolated. EP gives me strength, knowing I have this blog to write in helps me to feel better whenever things are hard. Yet at times, I feel I am judged or berated for what I say here. I am not perfect I never claimed to be, As I touched on earlier in this letter, please give me the right to get my thoughts out in a safe environment. The only environment I feel I can "speak" openly in. Most of the time I set this blog to friends, this means that only the people in my circle can read what I write. I try and make sure I trust everyone in my circle as really, I am sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings here and they aren't for everyones eyes.
Please don't kick me when I am already down. Believe me, I know my failings more then anyone. I do not need them pointed out to me. I welcome suggestions but I don't welcome criticizm. You might say that at times they are one and the same but I believe that you can word things in such a way which will not hurt someone.

I would like to be able to keep writing here but at times am not sure I can. I hope I can depend on my circle to feel more confident with what I post. I am also saying that if anyone doesn't like what I write, feels frustrated and angry when they read it then please unfriend me. I will not take it personally. I am not looking for people who will constantly agree with what I say but I also need people who are understanding and who will think before they "speak". I have been hurt by some reactions to my blog and it has hindered me and makes me feel like I can't share my feelings and thoughts anywhere. I know I don't need to ask permission to post on my blog as I can always switch it to private but I want to share it with my circle. But please know, nobody is oblidged to do anything for me. All I am looking for is kindness and support. I hope I can re-find that here.

Jenni. x

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Posted on 07:16AM on Mar 21st, 2012
Awwww! my darling girl! We/you, i and the rest of Epeeps are all human and all have feelings and failings!, sat here behind this keyboard! :(What, i don't agree with and I think it's very wrong, is you being judged! how bad is that! :( Ep is the place to share one's feelings and thoughts without feeling berated! or "judged" come to that,. No-one has the right to "judge" you! no-one! A true friend, wil bend, take both your hands and hold you and your spirit up! We have all said things we later regret, that is human! fraility!.
Please, i feel you have nothing to explain, or apologise for, come to that!,. But i do know, a friend will accept you for who you are! faults and all! You have come to the right person in me! (i hope), to find "kindness, support and most importantly trust! you can "trust"! me!,. :D

Sorry my comment is so long winded! :(
Posted on 09:44AM on Mar 21st, 2012
I see this blog as an open diary or a journal and hopefully I haven't offended anyone with my comments, what you write in this blog is personal, the way as other members write things and post it as a confession or a story, I didn't came here to judge people and I also have learned that writing down what bothers me somehow it helps me too. we all find our ways to heal and if this is yours, you should not feel bad after doing something that helps you too. I also want to say sorry if I offended you with a previous comment
Posted on 02:56PM on Mar 21st, 2012
OoLuna: No, you haven't at all. I have unfriended the person who hurt me with their response to my blog. You have never been anything but helpful and kind. x

Welshbabe: Thank you so much. That is a very kind and thoughtful reply. It means a lot to read such lovely words.
I really am touched that you took the time to respond in the way you did an look forward to chatting with you more. x
Posted on 04:20PM on Mar 21st, 2012
I hope you stay here, I would miss you terribly if you felt that you had to leave. I hope that you find much more support here on EP now that you have written this honest and respectful letter to your circle.

I hope that you can continue to feel safe to share here. Hugs and Tender Care, HBC x
Posted on 02:39AM on Mar 22nd, 2012
Thank you lovely HBC. Your support and care means so much to me!

*hugs* xxxxxxxxx
Posted on 03:09PM on May 22nd, 2012
I'm not in your circle but I'll be around and if you want I'll listen and advise any way can.
Posted on 03:12PM on May 22nd, 2012
Thank you so much. That is so kind of you.
Posted on 05:47PM on Jan 23rd, 2013
I have just found your blog Jenni and although I am not in your circle, your blog has touched me by it's honesty. You express such human responses that I think, if we were honest with ourselves, we can all relate to! Thank you for that. I see that you have not posted for quite a while now. I hope that you are doing well. I look forward to your blog in the future. God Bless!
Posted on 01:29AM on Jan 24th, 2013
Thank you so much. I do post in it everyday but it is mainly set to friends only now xx
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